Accountants that understand your business

Welcome to Gartly & Associates !

We specialise in working with small to medium size businesses.

As qualified chartered accountants and business advisors, we have earned the reputation of giving advice beyond just the numbers.

Our goal is help you grow your business by interpreting the numbers. We then help you use those insights to make informed, strategic business decisions.

Saving tax, staying compliant with ongoing changing tax laws, keeping up with technology, business growth decisions – these are just some of the challenges you’re faced with.

Our purpose is to put YOU fully in charge of your business and financial future.  That way, you can meet these challenges by staying up to date.

That means assisting you with all aspects of your business needs from your taxation, GST matters through to small business matters such as cashflow analysis, taxation and GROWTH decisions.

We’ve had over 25 years experience in taxation and business advice, worked with thousands of people – all with unique situations . They don’t come to us for ‘off the shelf’ updates. They want and demand customised, specialist advice.

The question is,

What do you want to achieve?  What are your plans for today, tomorrow and the future?

How can we help you? Should we meet?

To discuss whether we are the right accountant for what you need, call us now on 03 9597 9280 between 8 am – 5 pm.

We value your time, you would expect nothing less. We can use that time to have a valuable discussion (over the phone) with one of our team.

From there you can decide if we should meet face to face and exchange ideas about your business.

We’d love to hear from you.

To your success,

The team at Gartly & Associates


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“Our clients like our hands on practical approach to solving to small business issues . We enjoy seeing our clients grow to be very successful businesses, let us help YOU ! .”